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Hormone Reset Food Addiction Quiz

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Hormone Reset Food Addiction Quiz

This quiz asks about your eating habits in the past year to assess your relationship to food and readiness for The Hormone Reset Diet. 

People sometimes have difficulty controlling their intake of favorite foods including chocolate, cookies, bread, pasta, and crackers. When I ask about certain “favorite” foods, please think of any food similar to those listed, or any other foods that have been a trigger for overeating in the past year. 

The point of the quiz is to help identify the changes that will promote your success, assess obstacles that may stand in your way, and to help you with the strategies to overcome your obstacles. 

For each question, choose the number which best describes how you feel or have felt in the past 12 months.  Please be truthful; we will keep your answer confidential and provide feedback for your information only.

1 = completely disagree
5 = completely agree