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Low Estrogen  

There’s a good chance you are low in estrogen but I’d recommend testing with your doctor in addition to trying black cohosh for hot flashes and trying extra organic virgin coconut oil externally for dryness.

When you ask your doctor to measure your blood level, look for a level of 50 or higher for the normal range. If necessary, you can order a home test to check your estrogen (estradiol) and progesterone, as the balance is key.

I think of the estrogen and progesterone as tango partners. Estrogen is the curvaceous, flirty, extroverted partner of the pair and progesterone is the stable one, making estrogen look good. You need two, in balance, to tango.

Here's the thing, if you feel fat, cranky, brittle, exhausted, stressed, or don’t want to have sex, that’s not “normal.” It’s not healthy, juicy or fun. And it’s definitely not your genetic destiny.

Feeling overwhelmed & unhappy is a loud ‘n clear signal that your neurohormonal dashboard is out of whack — and it’s up to YOU to re-set the way you eat, sleep, move & think.

You don’t need a pill. You need a whole new protocol — and ladies, that's my Fast Track Your Hormone Cure.

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