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Now, Here’s What To Do If You Want Faster, Better Results Plus an Accountability Group and Start Date…



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  • Remove toxins
  • Lose weight
  • Reset your hormones
  • Be in a supportive community

You’ll get access to our private Detox community membership site, complete with day-by-day Detox instructions, videos, tons of resources, and our exclusive Facebook community monitored by my staff of health coaches.

My new book, The Hormone Reset Diet, will help you reset your hormones, lose weight, and reclaim your body. And while many find it hard to detox, here’s the great news: you don’t have to do it alone! If you want faster, better results, you need 3 things: commitment, accountability, and community. You’ll get all three with my Hormone Reset Detox.

Join our community and Detox with thousands of other women who have the same goal to reset their metabolism and reclaim their life!

“Give me just 21 days — and with my help — you can reset your seven metabolic hormones so that you can lose weight, remove toxins, and feel more energized and alive than you have in years!”

If you want to…

Drop up to 15 pounds or more in just 21 days — with NO starving or strenuous exercise

Enjoy fast, lasting weight loss with a deep cleansing detox that helps you shed stubborn fat and inches

Sleep blissfully through the night and wake each morning ready to rock your mission and give the world your best

Experience glowing health — from radiant, younger-looking skin to better digestive health and flexible, pain-free joints

Banish mood swings, irritability, low sex drive, anxiety, and that constant overwhelmed feeling — and start living a more calm, balanced, and delicious life

Fire up your brainpower and energize your entire body so you can think clearer, perform your best, and get back that edge

Look in the mirror and see yourself again — the “you” that’s been missing for too long

…then my Hormone Reset Detox is for YOU!

My Hormone Reset Detox is a companion program to my new book, but it’s different in that you get an accountability group and a start date. It incorporates my latest protocols and cutting-edge research, and is designed to get you results. It’s simple, easy to follow, and fun, so you can keep living your life while you transform your health.

Past participants have reset blood sugar, doubled energy, diminished cravings, and lost as much as 15 pounds in just 21 days. What will your success story be? I hope you’ll join thousands of committed women to recapture their best self. Gift yourself the future you deserve and start the transformation now. Change starts by taking the first step!

— Sara Gottfried, MD


y Hormone Reset Detox is designed for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, who want to take control of their hormones — instead of letting their hormones control them. It’s the best way to kick-start the protocols outlined in my new book, The Hormone Reset Diet, by helping you discover a new way of eating that will bring out your sexy, vital, and lean you.

My 21-day Hormone Reset Detox gives you a scientifically advanced, proven approach.

Oh, and it’s super fun and collaborative, too! Changing the way you eat is always better when you’re in a supportive group, which is proven to double your weight loss.

Together, we’re going to “biohack” — and take control — of your body’s biochemistry through a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, plus lots of good old-fashioned “girlfriend” and community support. We’ll find out which undiagnosed food sensitivities and allergies are causing you to pack on the pounds, making you feel exhausted and sick. Then you can take informed action.

At the same time, we’ll eliminate the build-up of toxins in our bodies that contribute to out-of-whack hormones, weight gain, sleep and mood problems, and all those other miserable symptoms that keep you from being your best, most healthy self.


Balance cortisol levels

Get rid of fatigue, brain fog, and stress-crazed moods

Recharge your sex drive

Restore healthy adrenal function

Lose the muffin top

Break your addiction to sugar, adrenaline, and caffeine

Take a pause from alcohol and unhealthy foods that slow you down and slow your metabolism

Increase your energy and boost your brainpower

Shed those stubborn pounds and inches



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Take a look at what some of my past Detox participants have to say…


Tammy W.


  • Total pounds lost during the
    Detox: 9 pounds
  • Total pounds lost to date: 25 pounds
  • Body fat loss during the Detox: 4%
  • Fasting glucose (blood sugar):
    Down 18 points


  • Sleeping soundly all night
  • Increased energy and ability to focus
  • No more anxiety and agitation
  • Water retention no longer an issue
  • Much better attitude; confidence is up
  • Blood pressure, vitamin D, and thyroid back in healthy range


Linda M.

“Before I started Dr. Sara’s Detox, I was at my wits end, trying to lose weight. I would follow diets carefully, but have very limited results. I exercised, but the scale still wouldn’t budge. I had outgrown my fat pants and felt hopeless. Despite what I thought was a healthy lifestyle, I thought I would be fat forever. Thanks to the Detox, I have hope.”


Anna E.

“On Dr. Sara’s Detox, I finally lost 15 pounds of super stubborn baby weight. I feel amazing, healthy, and clean. I promised myself to be fit by forty—Dr. Sara’s Detox showed me the way and I now fit into my skinny jeans!”



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* Just cancel by the end of the program


Phase 1: Get Ready Before beginning the Hormone Reset Detox, it’s important to lay a proper foundation for lasting change and losing weight for good. I’ll show you how to create the proper intentions to set the stage for success, so we can heal your addictive patterns once and for all. With proper preparation, you’ll be mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to begin Phase 2 Resets to start the detoxification and hormone reset process.

Phase 2: Reset During the first six resets of this phase, you’ll enjoy two healthy meals and drink one great-tasting, filling, and approved detoxifying shake as a meal replacement. On your final reset, you’ll move to two shakes and one meal daily, for an even deeper detoxification. You won’t go hungry, I promise! You’ll start to gently reset your metabolism by gradually eliminating metabolic hormone-blocking foods—including meat & alcohol, sugar, fruit, caffeine, grains, and dairy—one at a time, in three- day bursts. You’ll lose weight and begin to feel at home in your body again!

Phase 3: Reentry This is the most exciting and illuminating phase of all! You’ll slowly re-introduce the foods you eliminated and discover which ones cause an autoimmune or allergic reaction. This valuable feedback on your personal biochemistry can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, prevent autoimmune disease, and reverse brain fog for life! During this time, you’ll return to eating two healthy meals and drinking one approved Detox shake per day.


Number of shakes per day depends on your preference and weight loss goals.

To make it even easier for you to experience a successful Detox, my brand new personally formulated shake (chocolate and/or vanilla), supplements, and fiber are all included in a convenient Dr. Sara’s Detox Kit and available to you for a 20% discounted price. (More information to follow, once you purchase the Detox.)



Your credit card will be securely and automatically charged.


* Just cancel by the end of the program



All of your course materials — and our private Detox Facebook group — are conveniently accessed through our online Hormone Reset Detox membership site. We’ve organized everything for you in a super simple-to-use, password-protected website platform. You can access it on your computer, tablet, or phone, so the Detox is always with you.


My private membership site provides you with the most cutting edge, research-proven and science-backed data-driven methods for restoring hormonal and sacred balance to your body and life.

Detox Calendar & Syllabus

Clear, convenient tools for staying on track and preparing for what’s coming up during the Detox’s three phases.

Detailed Instructions for Each Phase of the Detox

Videos of Dr. Sara explaining everything you need to know for a successful Detox and to create new power habits.

Step-by-Step Detox Guidance

Simple daily tasks and information for a rewarding and EASY Detox experience. Daily Detox guidance and support is provided, along with the ability to interact with my nutritionists and health coaches via our private Facebook group.

Detox Measurements Tracker

A handy way to track your weight, inches, blood sugar, sleep, and other important measurements during the Detox. Remember: “What you measure improves” (as paraphrased from Lord Kelvin and Dr. Sara).

Shopping List & Tips

Dr. Sara’s recommended foods, supplements, and products — plus tips for a Detox-friendly shopping experience.

Detox Recipes Guide

Delicious recipes for drinks, shakes, meals, and even desserts you can enjoy — without guilt — during your Detox.



3 Question & Answer Calls with Dr. Sara

Submit your questions directly to Dr. Sara. She’ll answer as many as possible during these three 60-minute coaching calls. The calls will be recorded in case you miss one or you want to listen again.

Access to Our Private Detox Facebook Group

Get the support and accountability you need by connecting with women from around the world who are participating in Dr. Sara’s Detox with you. You’ll be invigorated by the power of our community — and the wisdom, encouragement, and tips you’ll receive will keep you motivated and on track. Steady, loving, and enthusiastic accountability has been shown to double your Detox results and boost the fun!


Dr. Sara’s private nutritionists stay in close touch with you, offering tips, science-backed data, and reassurance so you stay motivated throughout the Detox.

MORE rave reviews from past Hormone Reset Detox participants:

“I never realized that gluten, sugar and dairy were dragging me down. Giving them up for a few weeks has given me a new lease on life! I now have more energy than I’ve had on the past twenty years. I look younger and feel younger too. As an added bonus, I got rid of the 15 pounds I haven’t been able to shed for a long time!”

—Dawn H.

“I experienced better sleep, increased energy, and improvement with ‘brain fog’. Although I was at an acceptable weight, I still lost another five pounds!”

—April R.

“I loved Dr. Sara’s Detox!! I actually enjoyed the experience, and this is the first time I can actually say that about a detox…and the support was amazing from the other detoxers. My main goal I wanted to improve was my insomnia, and I did exactly that. And all without the use of supplements and medication! Before the Detox, I really thought that I would have to see a sleep doctor in the near future. Now I’m giving advice to other people on how to improve their sleep!! Dr. Sara provided me with more information than I was expecting, and she has given me very useful tools to better my health. Every woman needs to do this Detox. They won’t regret it!”

—Ashley L.

“Dr. Sara’s Detox gave me the knowledge and power to break old habits and take back control over my diet and my body! I was easily able to make permanent healthy choices and find more balance in my mind/body/food relationship. I’m so grateful for this beautiful group and Dr. Sara!”

—Cindy S.

“This program helped me get control of my body (hormones). Before starting, I felt lost as to what to do to help get my hormones regulated. I knew ever since I started thyroid medicine, something changed within my body. I was very moody, sluggish, living in a brain fog, etc. I am more peaceful, have energy throughout the day, and have clarity of mind! As a ‘bonus’, I have less pain, am off all three of my sinus medications, lost weight and 3” off my waist and 1 1/2” off my hips!”

—Debbie N.

“I was feeling like I was living in a cloud: irritable, angry, and pudgy… Now I feel like the cloud has been lifted. I no longer want to start a fight, I’m more patient with my 7-year-old, and the BONUS is that I lost 6 pounds!

—Debra D.

“I’ve learned to listen to my body and to hear its response, and I am very grateful for that. Now I can adjust my diet, my portion, my sleep, my exercise by listening to what my body is telling me. I am not snacking now and I realized that my hunger was stress-related. I feel satisfied longer by adding more protein and fiber to my breakfast. I feel when I am full and easily stop eating even though there is some food left on my plate. I lost 7 pounds and 3 inches (total). My pants are loose now. : ) My sleep is deeper and I have more energy in the morning. My hot flashes are gone after 2.5 weeks. Thank you, Dr. Sara!”

—Marina Z.

“Dr. Sara’s Detox program made a complete shift in how I approach taking care of myself. As a working mother of two active boys, I’ve found it difficult to focus on what I eat, how I move and sleep because I have felt too tired to do so. Now, I am more mindful of the toxins that I allow to slip into my eating and lifestyle. I know how to treat my body to healthy food. I have changed my outlook to managing stress, Most importantly, I am sleeping better. I have not felt this healthy in many years. Yes, I’ve lost weight, but that has been secondary to getting my energy and positive outlook back. This program has changed me for life! Thank you, Dr. Sara, for leading a crusade in women’s health!”

—Brooke O.

“On Dr. Sara’s Detox, not only did I lose 8 lbs. and several inches, I also discovered how food works in my body. Eliminating and then reintroducing certain foods was quite a wake-up call. Now that I know how important food selection really is, I feel confident that I can get to my goal weight and balance my hormones. Thank you, Dr. Sara, for changing not only my dietary habits, but my life!”

—Bridget P.

“At first I thought ‘this is going to be a challenge’ and was afraid that I would probably not complete the whole course… but as soon as the first week had passed with all the detailed info and huge support, it seemed doable and exciting. I started feeling better and better each & every day and raved to all my family and friends! I lost 8 pounds, 3 inches off my waist, have more energy and sleep much better. Thank you Dr. Sara Gottfried!”

—Evelina B.

“I have participated in Dr. Sara’s Detox program twice and am looking forward to the next one. I am a RN who struggled with my daily coffee habit, excess weight and poor sleep. Through the Detox, I was able to give the foods that were problematic for me up with very little negative side effects. In fact, the whole Detox allowed me to upgrade my health to a whole new level and gave me more energy, lose weight and have glowing skin. It has provided me with the skills and knowledge to get my health and hormones back on track through the rest of the year. The whole process was unlike any other Detox I have gone through. I also loved the amount of support that I received from Dr. Sara and her team, as well as the fellow participants. The forum was fabulous and was filled with amazing women who shared tips and amazing recipes. This program is amazing and I highly recommend it!”

—Mary K., RN

“I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Sara Gottfried and have participated in her Detox. I tend to approach things like this with a healthy dose of skepticism. I have done my homework and am aware of all the misinformation that is rampant within the health and wellness industry. I’m also aware of physicians who refer to prescribing “simple solutions” for complex problems. We all know, however, that those simple solutions often cause more issues. So, when I discovered Dr. Gottfried and started to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and through email, my skepticism started to fall away. She was trained in allopathic medicine but was open minded to a wide range of approaches, all of which were natural. She is a functional practitioner who genuinely seems to care about her patients and clients. After participating in the Detox, I can’t say I learned anything new that I wasn’t already aware of. But, what Dr. Gottfried helped me do, that I was struggling to do myself and no one else was helping me do, was connect the dots. Before, I was feeling overwhelmed by information and struggling to get results. I needed to continue to get my thyroid regulated and my hormones in check. I needed to lose weight. And I needed a game plan to help me do it and do it naturally and healthily. Dr. Gottfried has helped me do that and I feel better than I have in a long time. I’ve lost weight though I still have some to lose. But, my goal was never to lose all the weight quickly. My goal was to gain insight and create a game plan to help me move forward in my life with confidence and wisdom. She has helped me do that and I’m very excited to have turned this corner!”


Keep in mind that results vary on an individual basis and that each of Dr. Sara’s Detox participants has unique symptoms, backgrounds, stories and results. We’re confident your personal results will be equally fulfilling. And if not, we’ll give you your money back on the Detox program.

100% Guaranteed! You Risk NOTHING!

Dr. Sara’s
Commitment to You

My vision for you is to feel sparkly, fulfilled, and content — from the inside out. I want you to feel blessed by a hormonally balanced life, full of the spunk, engagement, and buoyancy that are your birthright. My commitment is to provide you with the most cutting edge, research-proven and science-backed data driven methods for restoring hormonal and sacred balance to your body and your life.

With that said, If you aren’t totally satisfied with my Detox Program, just let my support staff know by the last day of the Detox program and we will issue you a full refund.

Simple. Proven. Guaranteed.



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* Just cancel by the end of the program


What are the Seven Hormone Resets?

Is the Hormone Reset Detox just for women?

Absolutely not! This Detox works equally well for men and women. The only difference for men is that male participants may need to eat an additional meal or drink an additional shake each day in order to feel satisfied. The Detox provides information on how to modify the program for male participants. Dr. Sara’s husband, David, has taken the Detox three times and is averaging 10 pounds loss each time. He loves the ease of the shakes, feeling in control, and is fully energized.

Is this a juice cleanse?

No. Dr. Sara’s Hormone Reset Detox focuses on eliminating foods that are toxic to the body and replacing them with hormone-balancing, metabolism-boosting foods. Instead of drinking juices, which are very high in sugar and not full of protein and other essential meal nutrients, the Detox integrates one or two daily Detox approved shakes. The first part of the Detox calls for one shake per day (plus two meals), and then two daily shakes (plus one meal) are introduced for increasing weight loss during the last 3-day hormone reset. Dr. Sara’s approved Hormone Reset Detox Shakes have no fruit, dairy, soy, and less than 1g of sugar, and include essential minerals, protein, and fiber. The meal plans are scrumptious and nutritionally balanced.

Will I have enough energy to go to work?

Definitely! Most people actually find that they sleep better and have MORE energy during the Hormone Reset Detox. When you eliminate the main foods that cause autoimmune reactions and hormone imbalances from your diet, your body will process the rest of your food more easily – and convert more of that food into clean, long-lasting energy. In addition, replacing some meals with shakes means less energy exerted for digestion.

What are the dates for the Detox?

Please [AnythingPopup id=”3″]

for a Detox calendar.

Do I need to take any supplements while I’m detoxing?

Yes! You will need to purchase or make Detox approved shakes as described above and a water-soluble fiber blend (enough for at least 36 servings).

It’s also advised that you take detox supplements to help you go deeper with your Detox, as well as taking a daily dose of high quality omega-3. The Detox supplements help enhance liver function, stabilize blood sugar, reduce heavy metals and seal leaky gut. You may choose to find your own shake powder, fiber and Detox supplements. Or, if you live within the U.S., you can get everything you need by purchasing Dr. Sara’s Detox Kit. More information on Dr. Sara’s newly formulated Detox Kit and how to receive 20% off will come your way just after you sign up for the Detox.

What if I can’t stick to the eating plan 100%?

In order to achieve maximum hormone balance and weight loss results, Dr. Sara highly recommends you stick to the specified food plan and scientifically-sequenced Detox schedule. The best way to do this is to PLAN AHEAD and keep plenty of Detox-approved foods on hand for meals and sudden hunger “emergencies.”

That being said, do the best you can. If you get off-track, you can always jump right back on again! There’s no such thing as “failing” the Hormone Reset Detox — and most participants are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to stick with the plan once you get started. Immediate benefits accrue for most participants, which creates positive momentum to stay the course.

I’m pregnant/breastfeeding/trying to get pregnant. Is it still safe for me to participate?

Generally Dr. Sara’s Hormone Reset Detox is safe for everyone. However, I cannot give you medical advice outside of a doctor-patient relationship. For both pregnant and lactating women, your best option is to discuss the Hormone Reset Detox program with your clinician and avoid the supplements unless approved by the clinician. Most supplements have not been proven safe for pregnant or lactating women.

I want to do the Detox, but I have a big trip/event during the program dates. Should I just wait for the next Detox to join?

Most people find that they can stick with the Detox, even during big trips or events. The main things you’ll need to pack are a shaker bottle or blender, and healthy foods from your approved list. As long as you have those, you can do my Hormone Reset Detox anywhere, anytime! Why wait? There’s always a reason why you can’t start now, and the clock is ticking away at your health.

However, if you’re still worried that your event/trip will interfere with your Detox, you can sign up now and complete the Detox on your own time. In other words, you’ll have complete access to the online membership site for 30 days after the Detox ends, so you can complete the program after your trip.



Your credit card will be securely and automatically charged.


* Just cancel by the end of the program